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Where to Find Gay Men
Just this past weekend there was this event in Miami that is well known and its name is Gay Pride Festival. This is a perfect event for those that are trying to find gay men. Many gay men go out to enjoy the festivities that the event offers. There were marches, parades, films, dancing clubs, and other places in South Beach for men to do activities in. I’m not really here to talk about the festival, but I am here to help men know where to find gay men.

If you like going out to wine and dine there is this great restaurant that is in Wilton Manors in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that has great weekly dining specials. If you are into ribs, steak, sandwiches, and other good eats this is the place to find great food and possibly make new friends or maybe a new love interest. At the Tropics restaurant you can enjoy food, entertainment, happy hour, and the benefit of meeting great new people! What I’m suggesting is to go out and seek great restaurants like Tropics where people are homely and easy to talk to.

As mentioned before Gay Pride Festival was in the weekend of April 12 through April 14th held in Miami, but did you know that there is the Celebration of Friends weekend that is during June 27th through June 30th 2013? This event is catered to gay men of all ages and it is encouraged to join the weekend to meet other men that are looking to find other gay men. Going to gay events such as the ACOF weekend and Gay Pride festival in Miami is another way to find gay men.

Finally, if you happen to be in school there are LGBT groups and clubs where others can relate to what you are looking for. These clubs help you understand each other, meet new people, make your own group plans, carry on friendships, and maybe they can introduce you to other gay men in the community that you weren’t aware are gay. If you aren’t in school there are organizations (A Celebration of Friends) out there that offer social gatherings, activities, group meets, and so much more! You just have to search online and Mr. Google will give you choices to view.

I wish you all luck to finding gay men in your area, whether it’d be in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, London, or just about any other place, I hope my tips helped you out!

Gay Men at the ACOF Cruise!
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