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Gay Non Profit Organizations

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Gay Non Profit Organizations

The gay community takes pride in our non-profit organizations that have made great turn-arounds in our battles involving societal issues.  Gay non-profit organizations have been a great help not just in the gay community, but they also have helped people outside their community.

The gay community takes a leap to becoming one of the most supportive communities through one of their most renowned non-profitable gay organizations, Tuesday’s Angels. Tuesday’s Angels is a gay organization which aids people with Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acute Immunodeficiency Syndrome. These people deeply need assistance for they are often hospitalized and in other cases, are not able to work because of their condition, thus could not support themselves. Tuesday’s Angels’ goal is to help fund women, men and children with HIV/AIDS in their needs which include their hospitalization, transportation, water bills, electric bills, rent and other important basic needs.

This gay organization is funded by their members who are very open and generous in giving assistance to their clients. There are also other funding committees as this organization does not exempt businesses and other organizations that are very generous in making contributions to the needs of Tuesday’s Angel’s clients. Funds are also generated through donations that they receive from major events not exempting A Celebration of Friends. Donations are also given by other grants and events from individuals who would want to help the organization in reaching their goal. Tuesday’s Angels needs funds to make their goal achievable and attainable wherein without other people’s help and gracious donations from other individuals, they could not reach out to more and more people with HIV/AIDS.

Another of the many non-profitable gay organizations the gay community has is The Pride Center wherein they provide a safe and welcoming space which empowers the LGBTQ communities and their neighbors and friends. The gay organization has services and programs that help the LGBT community in meeting their spiritual, health, safety and socio-economic needs. Other than the LGBT community, The Pride Center also aids other groups and communities which empower people. The gay organization supports educational and social groups which focus on men, women, youth, seniors, spirituality, athletics, health and many others. The Pride Center also hosts art gallery openings, gatherings, classes, music events and many others.

These gay organizations deem to help the society in making the world a better place to live in. 

Tom (Tomcat) Pence

Founder/President/Executive Officer
A Celebration of Friends, Inc.
A Habitat of Friends, Inc.


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