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July 2016 Newsletter
ACOF 2016 Resort

July 2016

My friends,

The excitement over the 2016 Celebration is epic!

We’ve got an unusually large amount of "Celebration Virgins” or “First Timers” attending this year, so as usual we’re asking all you “veterans” to please ensure they have a good time.

Check out our Daily Schedule by hovering your mouse over “THE EVENT” on top of the page. There, you'll see all the entertainment we have planned for you:

THURSDAY NIGHT: Will be filled with disco dancing with a “Village People” theme. Come dressed as your favorite Village person and win prizes for your costume and dancing. Earned 'points' will be added up to our “MR. ACOF 2016” winner Sunday night of the Celebration.


FRIDAY NIGHT: We’re taking a trip back to the early 60s with Peter Alden, Ricky Nelson and Elvis!

SATURDAY NIGHT: Q&A with our distinguished guest speaker.

SUNDAY NIGHT: The Orlando Gay Chorus will be singing their hearts out for us.

Inbetween, we’ll have contests and pagents and you’ll have a chance to travel and utilize your discount coupons for the theme parks and discover why Central Florida is still the worlds #1 summer vacation destination.

Here is a link to a coupon to save money for Mears Airport/Hotel transportation.

Looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks,

Clark, Alain & Tomcat
The Board of
A Celebration Of Friends, Inc

“Dr. Woodrow W. (Woody) Baldwin, founder of Prime Timers, died April 21, 2016. He was living in Austin, Texas. His partner of 37 years, Sean O’Neill, passed away August 24, 2003.”

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